What are Lash Extensions?

A lash technician is specialized in providing a service for semi permanent false lashes. We are trained to apply synthetic/silk extensions to 80-100% of the natural lashes. We do so in a way that is non damaging to the natural lashes. Our goal is to enhance the natural beauty every individual holds. We create a variety of different styles
to suite what our clients desire. Lash Extensions make the lash line look thicker, longer, & darker.

What to Expect?

Become Lash Pro by learning ALL the lash theories & techniques that classics and volume lashes withhold!

Welcome to our Lash Master Course! We will have you certified and ready to create lash sets from the classic lashes to the Russian volumes! We want you to reach your highest potential with your lash journey and we are here to support you along the way! It is our mission to spread and share the success the lash industry holds. We want to ensure our students are receiving the best quality training and gaining those additional skills that every lash artist needs! Our 2 day course is a combination of extensive knowledge of theory and hands on practice! The lash industry is always growing so we want to keep you up to date with the lash trends and show you how you can achieve them! We are here for you along the ride, the Lash Loft guarantees life long support!

What's Included?

This Masterclass includes: A fully equipped course kit valued for
your first 20-50 clients, you will be given a hand copy manual as well
as an electronic version, ready to go waivers and client consent forms, a
certification upon completion, discounts on products & Lash Loft
services for life!

FREE lunch is included for in person courses!

Lash Kit Includes | $300 Value!

Lash Palette

Paper Tape

Eye Gel Pads

Bristle Lash Wands


Lip Wands

Glue Rings

Isolation Tweezers

Classic Tweezer

Volume Tweezers

2 Lash Trays


Loyalty Adhesive

Gel Remover

Masterclass Manual

Waiver Forms

Extra fee: Lash Bed

Course Breakdown


$1100.00 | Deposit of $250 

1:1 Classes

$1200.00 | Deposit of $250

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