WAIVER OF LIABILITY: I understand there are risks associated with eyelash extensions and/or lash lifts or tints and/or brow lamination and tinting. During the service artificial eyelashes will be applied to and/or removed from my existing eyelashes, and that notwithstanding the utmost of care in the application or removal of these products, there still exists risks associated with the procedures; Lash extensions, Lash Lifts and Tints, Eyebrow Lamination and Tint, Lash Removals and product itself, which include, without limitation, eye irritation, eye pain, discomfort, and in rare cases, blindness even when applied in the usual manner. If I experience any irritation, redness, puffiness, itchiness, an allergic reaction, or any other side effects of any procedures, I will contact a medical doctor immediately.
As part of this procedures, I understand that a certain amount of eyelash adhesive material, perm solution and or conditioning oil, will be used to attach the artificial eyelashes to my existing natural eyelashes. Even though the eyelash extension artist may apply or remove my eyelashes in the usual manner, I understand adhesive and solution material may become dislodged during or after the procedure, which may irritate my eyes or require further follow-up care, at my own expense to prevent damage to my eyes. I also understand there is more than one technique for applying eyelash extensions to my eyelashes, and I will not attribute any liability to the eyelash extension artist because of this procedure or the use and care of these lashes. As part of the removal procedure, I understand that a certain amount of chemical adhesive remover is applied to the existing adhesives and a reaction may occur to dissolve the adhesive that results in the thinning of the remover. Even though the eyelash extension artist may apply or remove my extensions in the usual manner, I understand the liquid remover may seep into my eyes, which may irritate my eyes or require further follow-up care at my own expense to prevent further damage. I also agree to defend, identify, and hold harmless the eyelash extension artist from the LASH LOFT from all claims against him or her because of having this procedure performed, or my purchase of these eyelash extension products from them.

SPOT TEST: I understand, that should I have any concerns about any possible reaction to chemicals and products used, I may arrange, at my own discretion, to book an advance spot test where a few individual lashes will be applied, or a small section of solution will be applied 24-48 hours prior to the time in which I am scheduled for my initial full set. I further agree that this shall be my own responsibility and at my sole discretion and have absolutely no bearing on the contents or signing of this agreement or any clauses contained there in.

AFTER CARE & MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT: I agree to follow the care and maintenance instructions provided by the eyelash extension artists for the use and care of my eyelash extensions, and that is any follow up care is required due to my own mistake or negligence, or failure to follow instructions, this will be at my own expense and risk. I understand that if I do not follow the instructions it may result in damage to my eyelash extensions or may cause my lashes to fall prematurely. By agreeing to the Care and Maintenance terms. I acknowledge that I have been advised for the potential harmful or negative side effects and the lash extension procedure may be harmful to those who have specific medical or skin conditions. I understand that I will inform my lash extension artist of any known conditions. I understand there are no refunds or exchanges promised for these services.

PERMISSIONS TO USE PHOTOGRAPHS: I hereby grant the eyelash extension artists from the LASH LOFT, the full right to take, publish and reproduce photographs of me, my face and/or my eyelashes, both before and after this procedure, for any and/or not limited to, advertising, education, or other purposes, including the right to retouch these photographs as deemed necessary by the eyelash extension artist. I also grant my consent for the eyelash extension artist to use my image and likeness as contained in these photographs for any advertising or other purposes. I understand that this is optional. I will let the LASH LOFT know if I decline the usage of my photo.