Advanced Volume & Refresher Course

Get Volume Certified with the Lash Loft!

*Must have already taken a classic lash course*

Welcome to our Advanced Volume Course! This course is made for those lash techs who need a refresher on lash techniques as well as would like to advance to learn master and up to date trendy sets. We will have you volume certified! Ready to create those fluffy lash and learn how to be creative with your sets! It is our mission to spread and share the success the lash industry holds. We want to ensure our students are receiving the best quality training and gaining those additional skills that every lash artist needs!

This volume course includes: A course kit valued for your first 20-50 clients, you will be given a hand copy manual as well as an electronic version, ready to go waivers, client consent forms and a certification upon completion!

Our 1 full day course is a combination of extensive knowledge of theory and hands on practice! We will teach you the theory of volume, mega and Russian volume lashes! The lash industry is always growing so we want to keep you up to date with the lash trends and show you how you can achieve them! We are here for you along the ride, the Lash Loft guarantees life long support!

Course Breakdown

Lash Volume Kit |$200.00 VALUE

- Lash Palette

- Paper Tape

- Eye Gel Pads

- Bristle Lash Wands

- Microswabs

- Lip Wands

- Volume Glue Rings

- Isolation Tweezers

- Volume Tweezers

- 2 Volume Lash Trays

- Adhesive

- Gel Remover

- Manual

Tuition Fee

In Class | $550.00   Deposit | $100.00


Online | $350.00 

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